Thursday, September 6, 2012


We're going through The Change. The hormones are flying, and we're trying to figure out the temperature this Saturday. Come to potluck meeting in Little Village at 3 p.m. if you want to help us adjust to our new lifestyle as a middle aged periodical. for location.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Call for submissions to ISSUE 4

Submissions for Issue Four are due by SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2012.
We are interested in work that's raunchy, flamboyant, interdisciplinary, and intellectually rigorous. Research-based essays, cultural criticism,  comics, poetry, interviews, most anything else you come up with will be under consideration. All submissions will be reviewed but not all will be accepted; accepted work is subject to editorial suggestions. Contact us for image submission guidelines, and send samples of your work if you're interested in illustration assignments.

Call for submissions to NAME TAGS

Please consider contributing to Name Tags, an ongoing Land Line column
devoted to issues and experiences related to names, naming, and identity.
The column is flexible in content and form, and the topic is intentionally
broad. I’m interested in seeing how different writers and artists will
stretch the space of the column for their own purposes.


--personal essays and comics on given and/or chosen names, aliases and
pseudonyms, especially those using nonlinear or fragmented form

--an essay or comic on the politics of nicknaming

--an exploration of government guidelines for naming

--a Name Generator diagram

--a series of love letters to the fictive identities of the Yes Men or
Fernando Pessoa

--portrait of an identity thief

--a meditation on names as markers of class, race, or gender status

--death of the author, or whatever

--do you have an existing project that in some way foregrounds names or
issues related to names? Consider submitting an excerpt.

Personal narratives, poems, essays, comics, art, mixed-genre pieces,
performance scripts, etc., all most welcome. Length is negotiable. For
Issue 4, deadline for pitches is August 30th; deadline for full drafts is
September 8th ; but I’ll be seeking pitches continuously, so please let me
know if you’ve got ideas for future installments. Send ideas and
contributions to column editor Megan Milks ( with
“Name Tags” in the subject line.

Please forward to anyone else who might be interested.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Land Line reader Feather Metsch flashes Issue Three at the Printers' Ball, courtesy of Glitter Guts with green screen by Edie Fake.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Holy shit, we really did it.
6:30 PM

Readings by
Aaron Lake Smith
Ruby Thorkelson
Burke Bindbeutel
Jonathan Tierney
Havadine Stone
Liam Warfield

Music by
Chopper 3

Plaines Project
1822 S. Desplaines

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crisis control

If you'd like to make a donation to help us print Issue Three, you can do it here:

We'll be throwing some kind of emergency benefit soon, too, and will gladly take your donations in the flesh, where you can get something tangible in return.

If anyone has a mixer they can donate to replace Bret's that was stolen at our benefit show, get in touch at He puts on a lot of incredible shows with that thing, and has been really good to us by way of sharing gear, hosting our events, and contributing awesome comics to the paper.

Also, if you've "liked" our facebook page, please add us as a friend to keep up with our deadlines and events. FB has recently changed the pages feature so that no one sees your posts unless you pay.

Thanks for all your support, and know that we are totally stubbornly stupidly determined to keep this paper going.

Down Shit Creek.

So. Two problems. By all counts, it appears that someone stole Bret's mixer from the Land Line benefit on Saturday. He/Situations generously loaned us a PA, and it really, really sucks that someone would come to a benefit show at a diy space and steal it. If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of a Behringer mixer, please let me know. Or if someone has one and wants to donate it to the Land Line to give to Bret to replace his, that would be incredible. The second problem: for reasons unknown to me, the benefit was very, very poorly attended. I don't get it. But that's what happened, and we're about $700 short of printing costs for Issue Three, which is supposed to go to the printer in a week. Not to mention the $300 it costs to send the paper to a dozen other cities. If you have any good schemes up your sleeve, now's the time to let them out.