Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crisis control

If you'd like to make a donation to help us print Issue Three, you can do it here:

We'll be throwing some kind of emergency benefit soon, too, and will gladly take your donations in the flesh, where you can get something tangible in return.

If anyone has a mixer they can donate to replace Bret's that was stolen at our benefit show, get in touch at landlinequarterly@gmail.com. He puts on a lot of incredible shows with that thing, and has been really good to us by way of sharing gear, hosting our events, and contributing awesome comics to the paper.

Also, if you've "liked" our facebook page, please add us as a friend to keep up with our deadlines and events. FB has recently changed the pages feature so that no one sees your posts unless you pay.

Thanks for all your support, and know that we are totally stubbornly stupidly determined to keep this paper going.


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  2. two things: one) brett's mixer got stolen? :( two) you have to pay for shit on facebook now? like all good (or in this case intrusive, brain infecting, drone producing) things must end. everyone get outta derr!

  3. It's still free as a person, but if you have a page you have to pay money or only 10% of the people who "like" your page get to see what you post. Nevertheless, fucked as it is, fb remains a useful tool for keeping the paper connected to people we don't know personally.

    And yeah, the mixer, FUCKING SUCKS.