Friday, August 17, 2012

Call for submissions to NAME TAGS

Please consider contributing to Name Tags, an ongoing Land Line column
devoted to issues and experiences related to names, naming, and identity.
The column is flexible in content and form, and the topic is intentionally
broad. I’m interested in seeing how different writers and artists will
stretch the space of the column for their own purposes.


--personal essays and comics on given and/or chosen names, aliases and
pseudonyms, especially those using nonlinear or fragmented form

--an essay or comic on the politics of nicknaming

--an exploration of government guidelines for naming

--a Name Generator diagram

--a series of love letters to the fictive identities of the Yes Men or
Fernando Pessoa

--portrait of an identity thief

--a meditation on names as markers of class, race, or gender status

--death of the author, or whatever

--do you have an existing project that in some way foregrounds names or
issues related to names? Consider submitting an excerpt.

Personal narratives, poems, essays, comics, art, mixed-genre pieces,
performance scripts, etc., all most welcome. Length is negotiable. For
Issue 4, deadline for pitches is August 30th; deadline for full drafts is
September 8th ; but I’ll be seeking pitches continuously, so please let me
know if you’ve got ideas for future installments. Send ideas and
contributions to column editor Megan Milks ( with
“Name Tags” in the subject line.

Please forward to anyone else who might be interested.

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